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Furthermore, our technical feasibility study helps companies to clarify in advance, whether they have the technical resources to convert the idea into a fully functional and  working product.
Systems engineering is focused on the technical characteristics of decisions including NRE cost, operational concept and required functionality as well as project management plans.

Generating and evaluating alternative solution concepts and architectures, while considering the levels of complexity, uncertainty and change.

The intended system and product variety is also an important part of this process will be evaluated.

Due Diligence is an investigation or audit carried out by external consultants, who examine that there are no substantial financial or legal project risks.

The Technical  due diligence  (tech DD) is a comprehensive audit of the technical and/or manufacturing readiness level of the product.

The mechanisms of the decision-making process, and the assessment of all possible technical risks are investigated as well.

The feasibility study identifies potential technical challenges and shows ways  to overcome problems and how to achieve the specificationn and  costs targets.
experts in  product design, systems and requirements engineering as well as in project management
proven and extensive expertise in business management to assist with strategic technical and investment decisions
deep experience and a well-proven network of reliable partners in engineering and integrating alternative powertrain in cars and vessels.
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This helps in troubleshooting the project before commencing work leading to efficient and successful technical projects.